5 Reasons Why Dog Breeding Is Good

Some years back, the concept of dog breeding was unwelcome among so many populations. These were attributed to by irresponsible breeders. Today, there are reliable dog breeders that have proven that dog breeding could surely give several benefits. Below we discuss the benefits of dog breeding;

1. Creating new breeds.

Dog breeding is vital in creating a totally new dog breed to satisfy the needs of modern society. A long time ago, people had to coexist with dogs whose traits or nature wasn’t pleasing at all. An excellent example of a new breed is Labradoodle. It is a breed that was created from the standard or miniature Poodle and Labrador Retriever. The new breed created is best for people with allergy.

2. Specializing breeds.

Dog breeding also helps make certain dog breeds good at what they do. When, for example, police choose the German Shepherd for their work, it is because of a particular trait they read in these dog breeds that make them the best. However, through dog breeding, the German Shepherds are made best at the given role. Introduction of new specific traits to the dog is done.

3. Do away with undesired traits.

Selective breeding lost its reputation when people began to realize that it introduced so many health concerns to dog breeds rather than making them better. Through dog breeding, you can remove certain traits from dogs such as epilepsy, allergies and elbow or hip dysplasia. However, the breeder must be so good in choosing the genes appropriately, or a weaker breed is produced.

4. Preserve rare breeds.

Many do not know that there are dog breeds that could be used to kill rats in mills. The Yorkshire Terrier is one such breed. Was it not for dog breeding, such rare traits in a dog would be extinct. There are so many other dog breeds that are present today due to the power of breeding.

5. Come up with a responsible dog.

Today, people are much interested in keeping dogs as pets. For this reason, most people want a dog breed that does not have undesirable behavioral flaws and free from disease. As a breeder, you have to choose genes carefully to breed a dog type that suits the needs of such a population.

Dog breeding can be great but at time disadvantageous if done by a dog breeder who is not cautious at what they are doing – read article on cost of breeding dogs.

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